Wired Ita — Atlante dell’innovazione

“(R)Evolution”, Wired Italia issue number 76, is the altas of innovation. For this issue, 6 maps inspired by the technological field and 6 illustrations about the opener article of every chapter in the magazine were designed.
Client: Wired Italia, n.76, Winter 2015/2016, David Moretti and Massimo Pitis
Art direction & concept: LaTigre
Graphic design: Martina Elisa Cecchi

  • LT_Wired_Atlante-lr-1
  • lt_wired_atlante-lr-6
  • LT_Wired_Atlante-lr-5
  • LT_Wired_Atlante-lr-9
  • lt_wired_atlante-lr-2
  • LT_Wired-Altante-illos-mec_1
  • LT_Wired-Altante-illos-mec_2
  • LT_Wired-Altante-illos-mec_3